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Moon cricket

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Moon cricket

History of cricket: Moon cricket

Today, the game which has gained popularity after football around the world is cricket. Cricket is a disease for people living in South Asia more than Europe and Africa. Which becomes great if the player feels it, and if the audience feels it then all the games are faded. This game is such that people of every class and age understand it easily and easily.

Where did cricket come from?

In 1598, cricket was called in the earliest known Creckett, The name is believed to have been derived from the (Crick “-a”) of Middle Dutch, ie stick, or is derived from Old English crick or cryke meaning Baisakhi or sticks. Also in Samuel Johnson’s English language Dictionary, “1755” He describes the etymology of cricket as “cryke, Saxon, a stick”. Another possible source of cricket in history is also known from the Middle Dutch word krikstol. Which means a long light stool, which was used to kneel in the church. Its shape was similar to the two stump wickets used in early cricket.

History of Cricket: Moon cricket

During the expansion of the British Empire, the game began to be played in foreign countries, and in the 19th century, The first international match was played by the ICC in two teams of 10–10 members each. Cricket is a very famous sport which is played in many countries of the world like New Zealand, South Africa, Bangladesh, England, India, Australia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc.

Cricket in India

Young children are crazy about this Cricket in India, and they play it in small open spaces, especially on the road and park. It is a very easy game if played and practiced daily. Cricket players need daily hard practice to improve their game so that they can overcome small mistakes and play it with full flow. If You have any queries please contact us.


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